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What is a patent bet?

A Patent is a type of multiple bet that can be placed when exactly three outcomes have been added to your Unibet betslip. It comprises seven bets in total, being made up of 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble. Because of this, your chosen stake will be multiplied by 7 to give the overall cost of the bet. At least one outcome must be settled as a winner on a Patent bet for you to receive a return.

Example of a patent bet

To place a Patent bet, you must first choose three outcomes from sporting events found at Unibet. For example, this could be England to beat Slovakia 3-0 (odds: 5.50), Germany to beat Finland 4-0 (odds: 7.00), and France to beat Belgium 2-1 (odds: 8.00). 

Enter your desired stake into the Patent box within your betslip. This value will be automatically multiplied by 7 to present the final amount, i.e. a €1 stake will equate to €7. With seven bets in total, we can calculate each one separately as follows:

  • Single – 5.50 x €1 = €5.50
  • Single – 7.00 x €1 = €7
  • Single – 8.00 x €1 = €8
  • Double – (5.50 x 7.00) x €1 = €38.50
  • Double – (5.50 x 8.00) x €1 = €44
  • Double – (7.00 x 8.00) x €1 = €56
  • Treble – (5.50 x 7.00 x 8.00) x €1 = €308

If all three outcomes on your bet are successful, the maximum returns will be the sum of each component of the Patent bet combined. In the above example, this equates to €467 (with a profit of €460). Other returns range from €5.50 to €71 depending on which outcomes have been successful.

Pros and cons of a patent bet

The number one pro of placing a Patent bet is that you will receive a return should just one of the three outcomes be correct. With this in mind, many gamblers use a Patent bet when selecting three events with relatively high odds. The downside of a Patent is that your stake must be multiplied by 7 to cover the bet, whilst one correct outcome may not cover the initial outlay.

Illustration of a patent bet:

Arsenal – Tottenham Barcelona – Atletico Madrid Manchester City – Liverpool

How to use the bet calculator

The Unibet Betting Odds Calculator makes it incredibly easy to instantly view the returns of your selected bet type and stake. You can also easily change the odds display from fractional to decimal in the top right corner of the page, as per your preference.

To begin, first you must decide which type of bet you are looking to place. The Unibet Calculator ranges from simple doubles, trebles and combinations through to more advanced Trixies, Yankees, Heinz and Lucky 63 multiples, etc.

For example, if you select a ‘Goliath’ multiple bet, this will generate eight blank selections that make up a Goliath bet. You must now enter the odds of each of your eight picks manually, followed by the stake per line.

By pressing ‘Calculate Now’ this will display the total stake required to place the bet, along with the Total Return and Total Profit. Another great tool is that you can easily switch each selection from being a Winner into a Lost or Void outcome. Your overall returns will be adjusting automatically after calculating the returns again. This is a great way of visualising how your bet will perform should one or more selections not be successful.

Additional betting considerations

For horse racing gamblers in particular, the Unibet Betting Odds Calculator includes the provision for Each Way betting. By selecting this, the fields will now include an option for you to adjust the Place odds (as displayed on the race betting page itself) and thus instantly calculate the returns if your horse were to finish in the applicable place positions.

Another provision is that of Rule 4 deductions. This is implemented in a horse race if a participant is withdrawn after you have placed your bet – therefore adjusting the odds. Depending on the horse that has been withdrawn, you can adjust the deduction manually by selecting either 5% to 20% per Euro bet. Finally, you can also adjust the outcome to that of a Dead Heat should multiple horses cross the finish line at exactly the same time.