Betting Eurovision 2023

When it comes to novelty betting, the Eurovision Song Contest is an appealing option. When you bet Eurovision, you will be betting on which country will be the title winner at the Eurovision Finals 2023. Before the final event, there are semi-finals, which offer a chance to place standard bets and engage in in-play wagering. Since 1956, this contest has been taking place and now, you can easily place bets on who you think will be the winner in 2023!

During the contest, each country will submit an original song that will be performed live. All countries will vote on the songs from other countries. The one that gets the most votes will be declared the winner. This year, the first semi-final will be held on May 9 and the second will be on the 11th.  The Grand Final will be on May 13 and you can expect some great odds to be available. Whether you choose to place standard bets or benefit from in-play betting, you will find updated odds at Unibet that offer good value.


Eurovision Winner Odds for Bettors

Get the latest Eurovision winner odds and choose what country will be the winner this year. The winner odds are entirely based on who is predicted to win the Grand Final in Liverpool in 2023. Betting on the winner is the most popular option and bets can be placed before the competition starts or at any time during. These odds will change right up until the Final and you will find that the top five countries have odds that are favorable to bettors.

This year, Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine are in the top positions to win and you can find odds ranging from 2.10 to 5.50. Of course, these can change at any time during the competition, so be sure to check in with Unibet to get the latest odds updates.


Eurovision Live Odds

As the semi-finals and Grand Final events come closer, you will find in-play betting options being supported. With this, you can place bets as the event takes place. As performers take the stage and votes are cast, you can place your wager and benefit from the latest Eurovision live odds. With this betting option, you will not have to predict the winner ahead of time. You can wait until the semis or even the final to place a bet and have better chances of winning. 

It is important to know that placing live bets will result in lower payouts since these betting options are not presented until the competition is live. Making use of the live betting odds will result in lower risk even though payouts may not be as lucrative.


Types of Eurovision Bets

The Eurovision bets that are available now are rather limited. There are just a few options listed at Unibet. However, as the competition comes closer and the semi-finals are completed, additional betting options will be added. These can include exciting prop bets that can enhance the experience and offer some good payouts. 


Finishing Position Winner

You can bet on who you believe will be the outright winner of the competition this year. All odds listed are updated so you have the latest odds available before placing any bets. This is a simple wager to place and will simply involve selecting which country you believe will win Eurovision 2023. This is just like choosing a winner of a sporting event. It is an easy way to get involved with Eurovision betting with limited risk.


Head to Head Betting

With this option, there will be two possibilities for the outcome of Eurovision 2023. This is one of the most popular choices for customers at Unibet as it focuses solely on who will win the Eurovision Finals. You can see the current odds listed and make an educated decision ahead of the Finals. Our experts have evaluated the best contestants in this year's competition, so you will see that the head-to-head bets will only include the top possible finishers, including Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Ukraine. These countries may change as the Finals near, but you can expect these four countries to be at the top of the list.


Each Way

When selecting the Finishing Position for the Winner option, there will be a box to select an each-way bet. Once you choose Eurovision, you will see a list of each way bets. With these, you will be placing two bets at the same time. One will be a selection to win and the other will be a choice to place. This bet will be a single transaction and the stake amount will be doubled. If only one of the selections wins, you will win for that choice and lose the other.


Best Finishing Position

There is also an option to place a bet on the Best Finishing Position – Big Five at Unibet. If you want to predict who will be finishing in the top five positions, this is the best bet for you. This is a great option for placing a wager on the Eurovision Final if you do not have a solid prediction of the outright winner. The Eurovision winner odds will be shorter than the odds for an outright win. 


How to Place Eurovision Bets

One reason many choose to place a bet on Eurovision is the simplicity of the process and the markets. At Unibet, placing your Eurovision bet is fast and simple. This betting option is listed under the TV & Novelty section. Click on this and then select Eurovision from the options. Here, you will see all of the current odds and betting options. Simply choose your bet type, select a country, enter an amount to wager, and add that bet to the bet slip! At Unibet, you will be able to place a variety of Eurovision bets, all of which have some of the best odds in the industry. 

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