Football stadium at night

Written by Iachini Maran. The author’s opinions and predictions are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Unibet.

Derby della Mole

Juventus is back? We said that after the Bologna game, but it did not last long. Winning away to Torino is impressive, we must wait and see if it continues. I was disappointed with Torino and had expected more from them at home in the Derby della Mole.

Boring Atalanta

Why play offensive football and lose when you can be pragmatic and win? Do not get me wrong, Atalanta deservedly won at home against Sassuolo. But it is fascinating to see how more pragmatic they have become this season. And it seems to be working because Atalanta are right at the top of Serie A.


How the tables have turned. Inter are looking more and more like themselves. Getting a huge point away at the Camp..excuse me, Spotify Camp Nou. Pessimism is turning more and more to positivism. Even more positive news is that Suning are willing to sell the club.

0.69, the Napoli train and Bentegodi

A boring 0-0 result between Lazio and Udinese was a disappointment. Both teams created an xG of 0.69 each, which is the funniest part of the game. The Napoli team continues to impress. Napoli haven’t lost a match since 24.04.22 and it does not look like Napoli have plans to lose anytime soon. AC Milan on the other hand has lost one game in Serie A this season. They did not impress against Verona, a Verona with the newly promoted primavera coach Bocchetti in charge. Some of you may remember him from the Milan “banter era”. Antonelli, Bocchetti, Rami and Bonera in defense, mama mia.

What about the weekend?

We have a couple of great matches this weekend. Atalanta – Lazio and Roma – Napoli as the main course on Sunday, with Udinese – Torino as an antipasto. In this blog edition we will focus on Atalanta – Lazio:

  • Atalanta – Lazio is a battle between two overachieving teams when it comes to xPTS. Lazio has 5.73 points more than expected and Atalanta has 5.64 points more than expected.
  • If we look at the situation of the teams, Atalanta has an advantage. They play at home and Immobile is out with an injury. That is a big setback for Lazio.
  • Neither Atalanta nor Lazio have conceded many goals this Serie A season. Lazio has conceded 5 goals and Atalanta 6. This combined with the fact that Lazio are without their top scorer means that this could be a tight match.
  • If I where to put my money somewhere, it is on an Atalanta win or under 2.5 goals.