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If you are like us and enjoy playing online casino games that offer a multitude of features and wins, then you will love this casino guide to everything slot game related. We welcome you to the Unibet EU casino guide section.

If you’re new to casinos and don’t know the difference between a scatter symbol and a wild symbol, we are here to provide you all the necessary guidance to make your casino experience a sweeter one.

A scatter symbol can appear anywhere on your reels and rows and will still count, it doesn’t have to stick next to another symbol. In most classic casino slots, three of the scatters spread out anywhere on your slot screen will take you to different types of exciting bonus features or a free spins round.

A wild symbol on the other hand, is a symbol that in most slots can count as any other symbol in the slot game. In most slots though, the wild symbol can’t replace a scatter symbol. That’s why it’s good to know more about both scatters and wilds so that you can understand exactly how the slot you’re playing works. For just that reason we have written extensive guides on both scatter symbols and wild symbols, just for you.

We also explain how to increase your chances of winning jackpot slot games and how progressive jackpots work. The most important thing to know about progressive jackpots is that every time a player spins on one of those jackpot slots, a sum goes into the progressive jackpot which keeps growing. If you keep track on the jackpot, you can try to play it a bit more often when the jackpot gets really big, in the hopes of getting that one lucky spin that can change everything.

We simply have too many different casino guides in this section of Unibet Casino to mention all of them here but among other things, we will teach you how to get your hands on free spins, and explain some other more difficult casino terminology to turn you into an all-round awesome casino expert.

Get ready to play some slots after you learn the very basics and essentials of online casinos with our casino guides!