What Is Live Casino?

A live casino is an online setting where players can participate in a range of live-dealer casino games from their computer or mobile device. It replicates the look and feel of a real life casino, broadcasting a live feed of the action to showcase instant results. On-screen graphics highlight various betting options alongside previous outcomes to produce a comprehensive and interactive betting environment.

Playing at a live casino online reproduces an authentic atmosphere from the comfort of home. However, there’s no waiting in line to register at reception or awkwardly wrangling your way onto a crowded roulette table – everything is laid out before you in a user friendly, easy-to-navigate manner.  


Live Casino Technology

With potentially thousands of players all accessing the same game at the same time – and new games expected continuously throughout the day – highly sophisticated technology must be in place to produce a stream of randomised results on an ongoing basis.

It is vital the streaming service must stay fully functional and without lag. Should any visual transmission be lost, or results be announced out of sync with the real action, player trust levels will drop significantly. The best online casinos will utilise low-latency streaming solutions to ensure the delay between captured image and viewer screen is minimal. 

Similarly, some live casino games make use of multiple cameras to help immerse players into the action. Depending on the game, they can alternate automatically between different angles and viewpoints to provide adept close-ups in real-time. You may also be able to change the camera shot manually if desired.  

In order to register game results, something known as optical character recognition (OCR) software is used in conjunction with such aspects as playing card values or roulette wheel numbers. When the game round concludes, these outcomes are accurately tracked and revealed instantly to the player.  

One of the major draws of playing live casino online is the chance to interact with a human dealer. This not only adds a dose of realism to the game but also helps solidify a degree of trust. Two-way communication is achieved with the inclusion of a player chatbox.


Live Casino Games

A big advantage of playing at a live casino is the extended choice of games at your disposal. Listed by category, players can quickly navigate to their preferred table from the main lobby. Likewise, games can be sorted by bet level to suit both casual punters and VIPs alike. Here is a run down of the categories you’re likely to encounter:


Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a relatively simple game to reproduce in a live casino setting. In most cases, a human dealer and six seat positions will be waiting for players as they battle it out in the race to 21. The game principals play out the same, except with timers being allocated to each player on their turn to act. 

Creative new forms of blackjack online can also be found in a live casino which aren’t possible in a land-based establishment. These include such variations as Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack which offer innovative ways of playing combined with mega multiplier wins.  


Live Roulette

Live casinos will also offer an abundance of roulette tables due to the game’s vast popularity. New games begin consecutively within a short space of time – much quicker than in real life due to the fact payouts are made instantly to winning players. Another plus is that you can create and save personalised selections for easier bet placement, whilst the payout of each potential result can be visualised with helpful on-screen graphics. 

Live roulette versions include the expected European, American and French adaptations, whilst the innovative Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette light up the casino floor with massive win potential worth up to 500x and 2000x respectively. 


Live Baccarat

Baccarat is another game that benefits from the live casino setting. With a playing table and background paying homage to its south-east Asian heritage, players experience an authentic way to enjoy this quickfire card game with the added benefit of side bets and extensive statistics. The best live casinos online will offer a selection of Speed Baccarat tables combined with the Dragon Tiger and Lightning Baccarat variations. 


Live Gameshows

Live gameshows are a modern day phenomenon that provide a super exciting alternative to traditional table games. The live dealer really comes into their own here, acting more as a television gameshow host than a professional croupier as you might find in a land-based venue. The majority of live gameshows are equipped with exciting bonus games and big multiplier wins, as is the case with Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. In the bingo-inspired Mega Ball, there’s even a chance of winning 1,000,000x your bet! 


Benefits of Live Casino

Playing live casino online removes the potential stress of signing up and visiting a real-life establishment. By playing from the comfort of home or from your mobile device, you can place bets at your own leisure and with stakes suitable to you – all without the social pressure that sometimes comes from being around others. 

There’s a much wider selection of games to choose from, with a high-quality HD streaming video bringing you the action in real time with instant payouts landing in your account. New games take place on a quickfire basis, with dealer changes and card shuffles also seamless to maintain a continuous flow. 

Innovative betting strategies can be tested out, with previous results and expected payouts presented clearly as part of the service. And with authentically crafted tables and background designs creating an immersive experience, not to mention friendly human dealers to assist your gameplay, live casinos have everything you need to enjoy a fun, fair and exciting time online.  

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