Poker Challenges

If you're looking for loyalty rewards you need to check out our popular poker challenges, made for new player and experienced veterans.                                                                                                              

By completing our unique challenges, you can earn extra prizes in addition to the regular prizes, like cash, special avatars, bonuses, poker tickets and bonus points.

How does it work?

At any time, there will be two types of challenges on Cash Games and Sit&Go’s where you can collect challenge points and climb the ladder.

Smaller challenges are the easier ones, for example "get dealt a one colour hand" or "have ace of spades as your hole card".

Bigger challenges require more strategy and knowledge, for example "win a hand after the flop when you have a worse hand than one pair" or "win a hand in a showdown".

The larger the stakes you play with are, the more points you earn in the hunt for our great prizes, like a VIP Unibet Open trip!

NL Smaller challenges Larger challenges
4 4 80
10 18 360
25 80 1.600
50 150 3.000
100 250 5.000
200 360 7.200
400 520 10.400


PLO Smaller challenges Larger challenges
4 8 160
10 40 800
25 95 1.900
50 270 5.400
100 480 9.600
200 650 13.000
400 800 16.000


Banzai NLHE Smaller challenges Larger challenges
1 7 140
5 26 520
20 95 1.900


SNG HU Smaller challenges Larger challenges
1 8 75
2 15 150
4 30 300
10 75 750
25 188 1.875
50 375 3.750
100 750 7.500
200 1.500 15.000


SNG 5 max Smaller challenges Larger challenges
1 13 125
2 25 250
4 50 500
10 125 1.250
25 313 3.125
50 375 3.750
100 750 7.500


MTT and HexaPro

One point for every €0.01 in rake


Every challenge is divided into steps and shows you how many times you need to complete the challenge to get points. A challenge that shows 5/30 means you've completed the challenge five times, and you have 25 times remaining before your points will be awarded to you.

To make it more interesting, there will be new challenges every quarter, and you can choose to change two of them every month if you're stuck.

There are no specific challenges for MTT or HexaPro, instead you get one point for every 1c of payed rake.

Commonly asked questions:

How many points do I get when I complete a challenge?
  • Every poker challenge rewards different amounts of points depending on the difficulty. The higher the stake, the more points you get. If you play a mix of cash games-stakes to complete a step, you will be rewarded with a matching proportion of the points. If you for example finish 80% of the steps on NL25 and 20% on NL50 you will get 80% of the points for NL25 and 20% of the points for NL50.
What happens to my extra challenge points at the end of the quarter?
  • If you earn more than 500 000 challenge points in a given quarter, the extra points you earn will be transferred to the next quarter.
Where can I keep track of my progress?
  • Go to your profile in the poker client and click "challenges".
I haven't recieved my rewards for the challenges/missions
  • Please give it at least two hours to credit you your reward. You will see a notification in the poker lobby when tickets are added, and you can see them by clicking on your balance. Everyone who wins a Unibet Open package will be contacted by our team within two working days after they have won.
Do you offer rake back?
  • We do not offer rake back - instead we offer rewards based on challenges and missions.
Terms and Conditions
  • The campaign is devided into quarters, as follows: Q1: 1st of january to the 31st of March. Q2: 1st of April to the 30th of June. Q3: 1st of July to the 30th of September. Q4: 1st of October to the 31st of December.
  • Players will be given minor and bigger steps by chance, and can bin two challenges of each type once a month. Partial credit will not be awarded for challenges that are binned.
  • Bonus points are lost if a player doesn't log on to the poker client in over 90 days.
  • Tournament tickets are valid for 30 days, unless something else is specified.
  • Bonuses are available for 90 days. If a player has more than one unlocked bonus, the following bonuses will be placed in queue until the current bonus has been played.
  • When you reach 100 000 points you have the choice to play one of two freerolls. Every freeroll gives you Unibet Open packages. Search for "Challenges" in the tournament overview inside the poker client.
  • Cash rewards are payed out in the currency you have on your account and will mirror the currency exchange rate on the day of the payment.
  • Unibet Open packages won for a specific event can be transferred to another Unibet Open event.
  • The deadline for changing a Unibet Open package is Sunday two weeks before the event starts and the last Sunday sattelite has been played, if not the package will be lost.
  • Packages won through challenges will be for the closest Unibet Open event if it is won before the last sunday two weeks before the coming event. Packages won through challenges after this point will be for the next Unibet Open event.
  • If a player wins two specific Unibet Open packages through challenges, the second package will be changed for 100 000 challenge points.
  • Unibet Open packages won through challenges can be exchenged for 100 000 bonus points if needed. Please get in touch with
  • If you earn more than 500 000 challenge points in a given quarter, the remaining points will be transferred to the next quarter.
  • If you earn more than 2 500 000 challenge points you can reach out to customer service and suggest an idea to what your own personal avatar could look like.
  • We reserve the right to reject any idea for an avater and request a new idea.
  • Unibet reserves the right to delete challenge points from an account if there is reason to believe that there has been a breach of the campaign terms and conditions.
  • Unibet reserves the right to change the number of challenge points awarded for each step if they are awarded more or less frequently than expected.
  • Unibet reserves the right to close or delete any account that is seemingly misusing the campaign and confiscate payed out rewards from these accounts.
  • Unibet reserves the right to terminate or change terms and conditions for this campaign at any time, without warning.
  • Unibets general terms and conditions apply, and our partners terms are final.
  • The original version of these terms and conditions is final and if there's any difference between this version and the .com version, the .com version prevails.