Benefits for new bingo players

Attention all bingo newbies!

We’ve set up exclusive New Player Benefits. If you’re yet to create a bingo alias, or did so in the last 14 days, we’re talking to you.

To access the benefits, register a bingo alias by opening any bingo room or minigame. It’s that simple.

You can then play bingo in our New Player Room, where the tickets are crazy cheap (0-2 kr). Every five minutes there are guaranteed prize-pool games between 9am and 9pm UTC.

You’ll also be eligible for daily minigame tournaments of the ‘Lucky Spin’ variety. Opt-in and you could win a share of 500 kr with one spin.

If you created an alias a while back, don’t forget about our Refer a Friend offer. Spreading the bingo word can be truly rewarding these days.

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Terms and conditions
  • New player benefits are available to players who have registered with a bingo alias in the last 14 days.
  • To register a bingo alias, you must go to the bingo lobby and open one of the bingo rooms or mini games.
  • Refer a friend is available to players who have not used the benefit before.
  • All prizes from new players' bingo rooms are cash and have no wagering requirements.
  • All prizes from new player minigame tournaments are cash and have no wagering requirements.
  • You must purchase tickets in the New Players Room to be eligible to win a prize. Tickets must be active before the game starts, even if the ticket price is NOK 0.
  • You must register for the minigame tournaments via the bingo tournament page HERE, to be eligible to win a share of the prize pool.
  • Unibet's general terms and conditions apply at all times.