Super Saturday Jackpot jumps to 50 000 kr

Saturdays just got way bigger.

Our Super Saturday bingo room now has a 50 000 kr jackpot – up from 30 000 kr!

Tickets are still only 15 kr each and can be pre-bought in the Super Saturday room.

Get some tickets today - before the big game starts at 18:00 UTC every Saturday.


Pre-buy tickets
Terms and Conditions
  • To take part in this game - tickets must be bought in the Super Saturday bingo room.
  • Tickets cost 15 kr and games are played every Saturday from 18:00UTC.
  • This is a feature presentation of our normal bingo product, there are no qualifying criteria.
  • The Super Saturday Jackpot game is available to all players on the bingo network.
  • Unibet management reserve the right to change the bingo game offering at any time.
  • General terms and conditions of Unibet membership apply at all times.
  • Super Saturday game happens at 20:00CET.
  • All Unibet terms and conditions apply