€500 refer a friend bonus

If you like Unibet, there's a good chance your friends will too!

Invite your friends to Unibet to get bonus money worth up to €500. Your friends also get a special welcome offer with a 200% bonus up to €100 on deposit, so everyone comes out on top here!

Refer a friend now

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Refer up to 3 friends
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Get a new bonus for every friend you refer:

First friend  €100 in free bonus money
Second friend €150 in free bonus money
Third friend  €250 in free bonus money

*All bonuses have a turnover requirement of 5x in sports games and 10x in casino and other products

Refer a friend now

Terms and Conditions
  • The following rules apply to the 'Refer a friend' program and create an agreement between Unibet and the account owner. By joining the program, the account holder agrees to the applicable terms and conditions:
  • The refer a friend program consists of inviting friends to register with Unibet and receive a bonus / bonuses depending on the number of friends invited. The bonus(es) will only be available once your friends have completed the wagering requirement.
  • The program is only run when a friend registers an account with Unibet through the link you have received. Your link to invite friends can be found on the main page of the recruitment campaign.
  • You cannot recruit friends who:
  • - Live in a different country than you
  • - Live in the same place and / or use the same IP address as you
  • - Already have a Unibet account
  • To receive the bonus, your friend must:
  • a. Register through the link that you send (via Unibet, through the registration page) within 30 days after you accepted the rules and conditions
  • b. Make a deposit
  • c. Bet (according to Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 below) a minimum amount of €500 cash on sports games and / or €2500 cash in casino / games / Live Casino within 60 days after you have accepted the recruitment program.
  • Once these terms are completed, you will receive a bonus in your Unibet account within 72 hours
  • First friend €100 in free bonus money
  • Second friend €150 in free bonus money
  • Third friend €250 in free bonus money
  • *All bonuses have a turnover requirement of 5x in sports games and 10x in casino and other products
  • In connection with the program, you will receive one (1) bonus per valid registration of friends you have recruited to Unibet. The maximum number of friends that can be recruited by the same Unibet account holder is 3.
  • You agree and understand that if your friend registers through a route other than that described in these Terms, the referral will not be valid and the Program will not be activated. Therefore, you will not receive the bonus.
  • Attachment 1:
  • Contribution to the turnover requirement for casino games
  • Bets on all games in Unibet Casino will count towards the turnover requirements. However, certain games will contribute less to the wagering requirements than others:
  • Slots (all varieties) - 100%
  • Scratchcard - 100%
  • All table games - 10%
  • Live Casino - 10%
  • Virtual Sports - 10%
  • Bingo - 200%
  • Examples: If your friend plays video slots, they contribute 100% to the wagering requirements. So if your friend bets €70, the turnover requirement will decrease by €70. However, if they prefer to play with a live dealer in our Live Casino, the bet will contribute 10% of the deposited amount towards the wagering requirement. So if the player bets €70 in Live Casino, it will count €7 towards the turnover requirement.
  • Appendix 2: Sports betting
  • Only bets with a minimum of 1.4 in odds are included in the turnover. Live, and play before the match counts.
  • Games that have used cash out will not count towards the turnover requirement
  • 'Refer a friend' is only available to selected customers who have received communication about it. You can check availability under 'Bonuses' in your account.
  • Terms and conditions last updated 01.01.2022